Friday, 23 September 2016

The Girl With All The Gifts - In UK cinemas now

Warner Bros. Pictures is pleased to make available a brand new clip for THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS to celebrate the film's release in UK cinemas today.

From the bestselling novel by M. R. Carey and starring Gemma Arterton, Glenn Close, Paddy Considine and Sennia Nanua, THE GIRL WITH ALL THE GIFTS is in UK cinemas now.

Thursday, 22 September 2016

Psycho meets The Hand That Rocks the Cradle in 'Stray'

Out now in the US from Amazon prime. Jennifer (Gabrielle Stone, Speak No Evil) decides to escape from her violent past and winds up in the sedate and equally idyllic Chestnut Hill. Picking up shifts at a local bar, and finding a friend in Greg (Dan McGlaughlin, Zombie Killers : Elephant’s Graveyard), the bar’s owner. 

But Jennifer isn’t content to remain friends. She quickly comes between Greg and his fiancée Sarah (Samantha Fairfield Walsh, Funny Bunny) by falling pregnant and claiming Greg as the father of her child. But just as she is on the brink of becoming a part of a family, her hidden, unspeakable past catches up to her, which spells disaster for all who have come to know her in Chestnut Hill.

Is it possible for Jennifer to break the cycle and overcome her violent history, or will she flee again, doomed to remain a wandering stray? 

Stray is out now in the US on Amazon Prime  from Indie Rights.

View the trailer on YouTube 

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TRAIN TO BUSAN - Arrives in UK Cinemas 28 Oct

Coming to UK cinemas October 28, a deadly viral outbreak pushes Korea into martial law in Yeon Sang-ho's TRAIN TO BUSAN.

Passengers on a bullet train speeding at 200mph from Seoul to Busan must fight for their survival as a zombie outbreak sweeps through the carriages. Check out the trailer below...

TRAIN TO BUSAN has broken box office records across Asia and enjoyed fantastic critical acclaim from festivals, premiering at Cannes Film Festival's Midnight Screening, winning the Fantasia Film Festival’s audience award and closing London’s Horror Channel FrightFest.

Get on board to stay alive!

See TRAIN TO BUSAN in UK cinemas Oct 28 from Studiocanal.

Wednesday, 21 September 2016

Jamie Lee Curtis talks SCREAM QUEENS - on UK DVD Sept 26

SCREAM QUEENS, TV’s most mischievous and addictive new series arrives on UK DVD 26 September and lead actress Jamie Lee Curtis was more than happy to provide this interview about the show for us....

Q: What was it about this show that made you really want to be a part of it?

Jamie:    You know what, honestly, people have this weird idea that actors are sitting there with stacks of scripts around them like, you know, no, I'm not gonna do that one. No, I'm not gonna do that, you know. No, I mean it's just not the case. We're all trying to get a job. When you get older and you just don't get as many jobs. I don't care if you're a man or a woman. And it's rare that somebody calls you up and says come to my office. Hi, I'd like to write a TV show for you. It's going to be super-funny, super wicked, really smart, really social commentary about the world at large. And you're going to have a great time and it's going to get wild success. There's just not that often that that happens and it's happened to me three times. And every time it's been a wild success. And every time they have written it for me. 

Now, that doesn't happen to me. Most people don't write me things. So when they do, whatever alchemy that is, it has seemed to work out really, really well. So it worked out in True Lies, which James Cameron called me at my house and said I'm going to write this. John Cleese wrote A Fish Called Wanda for me with, in that way, I'm going to write this for you, Kevin Kline , Michael Palin, we're going to have a great time, we're going to all make a lot of money. And it'll be really funny. And then the same thing with Ryan Murphy. So there is no decision. It's not lending, it's partnering, having somebody believe in you. And to be honest, I’ve been an actor for a long time and I have not had that most of the time. Most of the time I'm trying to get the job from you three. I'm trying to convince you that I should play Dean Munch in your show, that you're meeting me and then the 1500 other women my age who are in show business, who are trying to get your job, this job.

Q:    So a perfect scenario situation.

Jamie:    Well, it's the dream situation and it's not one you can make happen. There's nothing I can do to make that happen, except live my life, and then the phone rings. And I know that seems like a hackneyed cliché, and yet it's the absolute truth. There's nothing you can do to make that happen with all the frickin social media in the world. I can't make that happen. I can just do what I do. I was hiking in the mountains, four days ago. Do you know what I mean? And it's like, you can’t make it happen. And what you really need is good writing. And each of those movies, True Lies, written by Jim Cameron. Hilarious movie. Written by a guy you wouldn't say is a comedy writer. John Cleese wrote A Fish Called Wanda. He wrote the jokes. You know, the London Underground is not a political movement. That's a joke. And it's frickin funny. And Ryan Murphy, and Brad Falchuk and Ian Brennan wrote Scream Queens. And I've been able to throw some lines down in Scream Queens that make me, I have to. Here's what you don't know about me. You see that paper clip? May I borrow it for a minute?

Q:    Yeah.

Jamie:    When I'm in a scene, with Emma Roberts or the girls. Or the really funny people on the show, Nasim Pedrad, Niecy Nash. When Niecy Nash works, go on Twitter to Niecy Nash. You will see. I do scenes where I hold a pen under the table, and I jam it into my hand. 

Q:    Is this a trick you've utilized for a while?

Jamie:    My entire career because I laugh. If it's funny, I will laugh. So I cannot hold it. I think Kevin Klein won't speak to me because I ruined more two shots with him when he did something funny that I wasn't expecting him to do. I said look, I can handle the joke that’s written, I hear it, I learn it.  I know the joke is coming. But if you improvise a joke and I'm not expecting it, I'm going to ruin it. And I have come up with this and I do it like this. If you see a scene and my hands are on the table and I'm with Niecy Nash, you know what's in my hand.

Q:    A lot of the girls in the cast seem to really admire you. What's it like working with them?

Jamie:    You know what, I'm a mom of a 28 year old and a 19 year old. I understand that's what older women or, older people get. You have more experience; you've been around a long time. Obviously this is a world I've inhabited a lot. So it’s natural that I will be maternal, because I am a mom, and that's what I look for.  I appreciate that it's hard for me to comment on it 'cause like, you know what I mean, it's not.

Q:    How is it for you working with them?

Jamie:    They are wickedly talented and what I've learned is that when you show up for a Ryan Murphy show, there has not been one second where people have shown up on set with your white piece of paper, like this. All right, what are we doing today? What are my lines? Like, people show up and are like, boom (noises) cut. Okay, your turn. (noises) Like there's none of that.  And you see that on TV shows, you see these people walking around 'cause they don't like their job and they're like. And that's just not the case. These girls have shown up because they know they have been given this precious thing which is great writing. And they know it and like, slam it. I know, we have to go. Thank you.

Q:    Thank you.

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Stephen King's CELL calls on UK BD, DVD & Digital

Signature Entertainment presents "CELL", the much-awaited adaptation of Stephen King’s bestselling apocalyptic thriller, starring John Cusack and Samuel L. Jackson on UK BD, DVD & Digital this October.

When an electronic signal is broadcast across mobile networks worldwide, cell phone users are instantly and dangerously re-programmed into rabid killers. 

Heading north through New England to find his estranged wife and son, Clay Riddell (John Cusack - 1408, High Fidelity) is joined by a group of survivors to battle the horde of murderous “phoners” as their world descends into madness. 

Based on Stephen King’s best-selling apocalyptic novel of the same name, CELL is from the director of Paranormal Activity 2 and also stars Samuel L. Jackson (Django Unchained), Isabelle Fuhrman (Orphan) and Stacy Keach (American History X).

Signature Entertainment Releases "CELL" on UK Blu-ray, DVD & Digital from October 17th, 2016.

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Monday, 19 September 2016

First 3 films announced for this years Leicester Zombie Film Festival.

The UK Festival of Zombie Culture in Leicester, which is now in it's 10th year, have announced the first 3 films that will be screened at this years event in November.


The hills are alive with the sound of screaming. 

When abandoned snowboarders seek shelter in a garish, loud aprés-ski tavern, things go from bad to worse when a scientific experiment conducted by a local entrepreneur unleashes an epidemic of zombies and mutant wildlife. 

But this is mostly lost on the local drunkards as they themselves are not always so easy to distinguish from zombies. Steve, Branka and Josh have to find a way to survive this hellish night.


Outrageous horror with a crazy non-stop gore feeling only ever found before in the 80s..... 

Teenage friends out for beach week get unexpectedly detoured to a isolated motel where a deadly STD virus now runs rampant, turning those infected into the living dead, schlock comedy horror has a zombie-like Sexually Transmitted Disease wreaking havoc in the remote Redwood Motel during spring break. 

Only the strong and resilient will survive the monster genitalia, fanged orifices, wet farts and bloody condoms!


A new breed of zombie movie has arrived

Not content in sitting back and waiting for the Zombie Apocalypse to consume the world, Craig (Stuart Brennan) prepares for a potential outbreak by stocking up on cans, packing emergency bags, selecting the right tools and even planning his escape routes etc. But when a zombie outbreak actually occurs, it will take all his will to stick to his plan and all of his courage to change it...

Emotive, dark and brilliantly made it is also one of the first zombie films to pose the question "Why survive"??? 

More films are to be announced. 

The festival will also feature the Arcade of the Dead, with some of the Ultimate Zombie games of All Time!

The Best Dressed Zombie Competition is again on the cards with a spectacular prize for the best zombie in attendance...

There will also be Gavin Gore leading his Make Up Artists, turning you into a rotting flesh muncher, so if you need a hand with your make up , then dress undead and get your make up done once you’ve arrived...

Several prolific zombie authors will also be coming down to meet, greet, chat and sign their books for everyone.

10 years and still going strong, this is THE WORLDS LONGEST RUNNING ZOMBIE FILM FESTIVAL... 

The festival takes place on Saturday the 12th of November, at the Phoenix Arts Cinema, Phoenix Square, Leicester,  LE1 1TG.

To book tickets visit the Phoenix Website  

For more info visit Terror4Fun's Website, Facebook and Twitter pages 

Death Walks in the US and Australia

If you've been following the progress of British indie zombie film DEATH WALKS on these pages and were wondering when you'll be able to see this for yourself. If you live stateside, you'll be pleased to know that it's getting a US release in December on the iTunes VOD platform.

Also, if you live in Australia you'll the film will be available from December onwards on Netflix.

Festival wise, the film is being shown at the Puerto Rico Horror Film Fest, and Terrorfest (US).

For more info visit the official Facebook and Twitter pages.