Monday, 16 October 2017

New trailer for STRANGER THINGS 2 - On Netflix 27 Oct.

Checkout the new trailer for Series 2 of STRANGER THINGS, coming to Netflix Oct 27...

It’s 1984 and the citizens of Hawkins, Indiana are still reeling from the horrors of the Demogorgon and the secrets of Hawkins Lab. Will Byers has been rescued from the Upside Down but a bigger, sinister entity still threatens those who survived.

Visit Stranger Things on Netflix.

Stranger Things 2 debuts on October 27th. 

68 KILL - on UK DVD and Digital November.

STUDIOCANAL is excited to announce that the exhilarating and unpredictable crime caper 68 KILL comes to DVD and Digital Download from 27th November 2017.

Blending quickfire thriller with bracingly visceral belly laughs, 68 KILL introduces Chip (Matthew Gray Gubler, Criminal Minds) a simple guy scraping by as best he can by flushing septic systems for a living.

Thankfully, Chip’s girlfriend Liza (AnnaLynne McCord, 90210) has her head screwed on. When she suggests that they relieve a sleazy benefactor of a stack of cash, Chip begins to see a side of her he never knew existed… or never wanted to admit.

Outsmarted at every turn by headstrong women, Chip finds himself with a gun in his hand and less than 24 hours to figure his way out of a colossal mess.

68 KILL is a dark, violent, hilarious and psychedelic trip into Americana that has already caused a stir at film festivals and is sure to leave a satisfyingly sour taste in the mouth of any thrill-seeking film fan.

Pre-order the UK DVD from


Ian McKellan to voice the Demon in the stage adaptation of THE EXORCIST

Ian McKellen will feature in the West End premiere of The Exorcist as the voice of the Demon. The trailer which features a preview of McKellen’s devilish new role can be viewed here.

From 20 October at the Phoenix Theatre, the stage adaptation of William Peter Blatty’s iconic best-selling novel will be unleashed onto the London stage for the very first time in a uniquely theatrical experience directed by Sean Mathias and adapted by John Pielmeier.

“Oh please, Mother, make it stop!”

When the medical profession fails to provide answers to young Regan's strange symptoms her desperate mother Chris turns to a local priest for help. But before Father Damien can tackle what's before him, he must overcome his own shaken beliefs, as this fight is for more than just one girl's soul…

“I’m telling you that ‘thing’ upstairs isn’t my daughter…”

As previously announced, Jenny Seagrove will play Chris MacNeil opposite Peter Bowles as Father Lankester Merrin, Adam Garcia as Father Damien Karras, Todd Boyce as Doctor Strong, Elliot Harper as Father Joe, Isla Lindsay as Sharon, Mitchell Mullen as Doctor Klein, Tristram Wymark as Burke and Clare Louise Connolly as Regan.

Widely considered the scariest movie of all time, the film adaptation of The Exorcist sparked unprecedented worldwide controversy when it was released in cinemas in 1973. Winner of two Academy Awards, William Friedkin’s masterpiece saw audiences petrified to the point of passing out and went on to become one of the top ten highest grossing films of all time.

Multi award-winning Ian McKellen has had a 55 year long career on stage and on screen. For the Royal Shakespeare Company he has played Romeo, Macbeth, Iago and King Lear and at the National Theatre, has appeared in productions of Coriolanus, Richard III, Uncle Vanya and The Seagull. He gained his first Oscar nomination for Gods and Monsters and his second for Gandalf in the Lord of the Rings trilogy. He is Magneto to Patrick Stewart’s Xavier in the X-Men movies, Richard III and most recently Mr Holmes. He is currently starring in King Lear in Chichester and was last seen on stage in London with Patrick Stewart in No Man’s Land.

The Exorcist is designed by Olivier Award-winning Designer Anna Fleischle (Hangmen), Lighting Design by Philip Gladwell (Five Guys Named Moe), Composition and Sound Design by Adam Cork (London Road), Projection Design by Jon Driscoll & Gemma Carrington (Brief Encounter) and Illusion Design is by Ben Hart (Impossible). Associate Director is Alexander Lass.

Phoenix Theatre
Charing Cross Rd

PLEASE NOTE this production contains material which may shock and offend. Recommended age guidance 18+.

First Performance: 20 October 2017
Booking to 10 March 2018

Monday – Thursday 8pm
‘Friday is Fright-Night’ 6pm evening and ‘Fright Night late show’ 9pm
Saturday 4pm and 8pm
0844 871 7629

Facebook: TheExorcistLIVE
Twitter: TheExorcistLIVE


THE SHINING - in UK cinemas this Halloween.

Distributors Park Circus celebrate this coming Halloween with a re-release of Stanley Kubrick’s classic "The Shining"

Screening in over 100 UK cinemas – for one night only, on 31 October – audiences can enjoy this remarkable thriller on the big screen once again at cinemas throughout the UK, plus selected European and Latin American territories.

Accompanying the film on its release to cinemas is a bonus seven-minute documentary, Work & Play: A Short Film About The Shining (2017), directed by Matt Wells for Park Circus.

See the Shining on the BIG screen this Halloween.

Sunday, 15 October 2017

Mayhem Film Festival 2017 Report - Day 3.

Day 3 of Mayhem was another mixed bag, with a number of foreign language films, a bizarre art film and a classic Italian shocker.

First up was the extremely bizarre Japanese gore fest TAG by Sion Sono (Dir - Suicide Club). Watching 120 school kids getting cut in half in the first 2mins of a film in a bizarre coach crash, is a good way to start. But from there on in, things get really wierd for the one lone surviving schoolgirl.

Having survived that incident, she then finds her appearance changed and thrust into yet another massacre, which she survives only for her appearance to change once again and be thrust into another gory nightmare.

Very bizarre and surreal, not to mention extremely violent, I think I understood the ending (which I won't spoil) but  it really was a job to know what to make of it, other than I enjoyed it. 

Check out the trailer and see for yourself on YouTube

Moving from Japan to South Korea for our second film of the day, Sun-ho Cho's A DAY. In which a highly decorated doctor stops to help at a road traffic accident, only to discover his daughter is one of the victims.

Waking up to find it was a dream (or so he thinks) he is then alarmed to find himself living the same day, over and over again as he attempts in vain to try and prevent the accident from happening. But help comes from an unexpected source when he discovers he may not be the only one living the same events repeatedly.

Kind of like Groundhog Day meets Final Destination, this was one of the most tense films I've seen in a very long time and was really taken aback by it. If you get chance, see it!!!!
View the trailer on YouTube

Changing pace with our third film was Ana Asensio's MOST BEAUTIFUL ISLAND. Set in New York, Luciana (played by the director herself) is an illegal immigrant, struggling to get by, doing cash-in-hand work from ads on Craigs list.

So when she's asked to entertain some guests with some other girls at a special "party" for which she'll be paid $2000 it seems too good to be true. Needless to say, upon arrival, things take a very sinister turn as she wonders what she has let herself in for. But as it turns out, its not what she (or we for that matter) think...

Whilst the film is  competantly shot, acted and edited, for me it was just way too slow. The end premise was "interesting" (which I won't spoil for you) but I just felt it took too long to get there and explain everything. But then, I do kind-of have a short attention span and prefer faster paced films and the other audience members seemed to like it .

Visit the Director's Twitter page and Official Website.

View the trailer on YouTube.

After a quick break, there was the Short Films Showcase, which this year featured 12 widely different horror themed short films from around the world. However, in the interestes of Brevity I shall be reviewing those seperately in their own review section.

Then it was back to the feature films with the UK premiere of PREY from Dick Maas (Amsterdamned).

A series of deaths around Amsterdam from what appears to be a wild animal leads police to believe there's a Lion on the loose. Enlisting the help of a zoologist (Sophie Van Winden) and a wild game hunter (British actor Mark Frost) they set out to trap the lion, with hilarious results.

The passengers of a tram are swiftly devoured, a delivery boy on a moped is chased around the back streets and an entire family on a farm are devoured whilst the incompetant police end up shooting at each other in a series of botched operations to catch the beast.

Sporting a wicked streak of dark humour, in which absolutely NO ONE is safe, children the elderly, the disabled. This was a brialliantly fun film, which the audience thoroughly enjoyed.

Director Dick Maas was there to talk about the film and take audience questions, footage of which will appear on my YouTube channel shortly.

Visit the directors Facebook and Twitter pages.

View the trailer on YouTube.

Day 3 closed with a screening of the newly restored version of Dario Argento's classic shocker Suspiria. A film that all good horror fans should be more than familiar with, and if not, you should hang your head in shame. 

Jessica Harper stars as the new student at an exclusive ballet school in Germany, who discovers not everything is as it seems there.

When one of the girls is murdered, it marks the start of a series of bizarre dissapearances at the school, which she discovers, in an extremely bizarre plot twist, may have something to do with the school being founded by a coven of witches 100s of years ago.

Visually stunning, featuring a whole slew of brutally graphic murders and an appearance by a rather young looking Udo Kier (Mark of the Devil, Iron Sky, Blade), albeit dubbed with an American accent. This new restoration is undoubtedly the best it has ever looked and was a real treat seeing this on the big screen. Not sure when this version will be released to Blu-Ray in the UK, but it can't come soon enough!

View the trailer on YouTube
And thus concluded Day 3.

Read my reviews of Day 1 and Day 2.  

The Mayhem Horror festival is on between 12-15 October, at the Broadway cinema, Nottingham. For more info visit…

Saturday, 14 October 2017

Mayhem Film Festival 2017 Report - Day 2.

Day 2 of Mayhem kicked off at 3pm on Friday, in what has become known as the "wierd" slot, where they show the films that are kind of difficult to categorise and this film was certainly no exception to that

BITCH by writer and director Mariana Palka revolves around a downtrodden housewife (played by the director herself) and her husband Bill (Jason Ritter - Freddy Vs Jason), who basically lives for his executive job, paying her and his family little or no attention.

Having finally reached the end of her tether, she suffers a break down, closets herself in the basement and proceeds to act like a dog. Walking on all fours, barking and howling at people and deffacating everywhere. Forcing the extremely inept father to try and cope with bringing up their 4 kids on his own and trying to work out how to deal with her.

A jet black comedy, which I assume was trying to make the point that neglecting your family and burying your head in the sand whenever there's a problem will eventually bite you on your arse.  The film seemed to be well received by the audience, but again was a bloody wierd one to describe.

You can see an interview with the director chatting about her film on YouTube.

The next film of the day goes on to prove that the female of the species is certainly more deadly than the male in 68 Kill from director Trent Haaga (Dir - Chop , Actor - Tales of Halloween).

Chip (Matthew Gray Gubler - TVs Criminal Minds) is a gullible young man, who's coerced by his psychotic girlfriend Liza (AnnaLynne McCord in one of her typical psycho roles) into ripping off her 'sugar daddy'. Only to realise just how psychotic she really is, when the robbery goes wrong and she kills the guy and his wife.

When they are then forced to abduct a girl that witnessed the killings, he realises they've gone too far and he takes off without her. But it seems his 'captive' may be just as bad as his ex. And to top it off, when they are ripped off by another women they encountered on their travels, it seems he's in a whole lot of trouble, particularly as Liza wants her money back.

Hilariously violent and downright wrong in places, this one was a laugh riot, filled black humour and was loved by the audience.

You can view the trailer here on YouTube.

Director Simeon Halligan's HABIT was a substantial change of pace and one that will certainly make people think twice about ever visiting a massage parlour.

Set in Manchester, deadbeat Michael (Elliot james Langridge - Northern Soul) strikes up a friendship with a young girl, Lee (Jessica Barden TV's Coronation Street, and Hanna) who manages to get him some cash-in-hand work as a doorman at her uncles 'Massage Parlour' *COUGH* "Brothel" *COUGH*.

But it isn't long before he realises there's something very, VERY sinister about this particular Gentleman's establishment and not just with the clientele that visit. I don't want to give too much away about the plot, but think Best Little Whorehouse in Texas (without the singing) crossed with Texas Chainsaw Massacre (but set in Manchester).

Based on the book of the same name by Stephen McGeagh, this is an exceptional gritty tale set around Manchester's criminal underbelly which boasted quite a few familiar faces from British Soap Operas, including Roxanne Pallet (TVs Emmerdale and Lake Placid 3, Wrong Turn 6) , Joanna Mitchell (TV's Emmerdale,  and Before the Dawn, Bait) and Loius Emmerick (TVs Brookside, and Layer Cake) and seemed to go down well with the audience.

Director Simeon Halligan and Producer Rachel Richardson-Jones were in attendance to chat about the film afterwards, along with lead actor Elliot james Langridge who introduced the film, before having to dart off to another engagement. Footage of which will appear on my YouTube channel shortly

Visit the film's Facebook, Twitter pages and the Director's Website.

View the trailer on YouTube.

With it being Friday the 13th, the evening closed rather aptly with a screening of Friday the 13th Part 3 in 3D, which we watched wearing the old fashioned red and blue specs.

I'm sure all good horror fans know the story, but for those who don't. Picking up after the events of part 2, Jason is still prowling around Crystal Lake and comes accross a group of teens holidaying at a cabin a bit further round the shoreline, which he proceeds to hack to bits with various sharp implements after acquiring his now famous Hockey Mask.

Filmed to cash in on the short lived boom of 3D films of the early 1980s, complete with objects being deliberately shoved directly into the camera lens (the 3D effect did kind of work, though some scenes were better than others), it's certainly lost none of its charm over the years, which had the audience laughing hysterically at its outright cheesiness.

It would appear this screening was taken from the US DVD, as the intro titles were in 2D, as per the current US release. Despite the titles being in 3D on the original print, which was a shame. But aside from that, it was great seeing some classic 80s 3D cheese on the big screen with a festival crowd.

View the trailer on YouTube.
And that was it for Day 2.

Read my reviews of Day 1

The Mayhem Horror festival is on between 12-15 October, at the Broadway cinema, Nottingham. For more info visit…


Friday, 13 October 2017

Mayhem Film Festival 2017 Report - Day 1.

It's that time of year again, when horror fans from all over the East Midlands, and further besides, make their annual pilgrimage to the Broadway arts cinema in Nottingham to bear witness to the spectacle that is the "Mayhem Horror Film Festival" for another four days of Horror, Sci-Fi, Cult and Exploitation films and more!

This year kicked off with the hilariously funny, not to mention brutally bloody, feature film debut from director Benjamin Barfoot , "DOUBLE DATE".  

In this ultimate 'Battle of the Sexes", Jim (played the writer, Danny Morgan) is a hapless 29 year old, who is useless with women and still hasn't lost his virginity yet. So when a couple of rather nice looking girls take an interest in him and his friend Alex (Michael Socha - TVs "Being Human"), he can't believe his luck.

However, as the old adage goes, "if something appears too good to be true, then it probably is". Seems these girls have been preying on men for some time and if they get their way, it won't be Jim's virginity that he loses. 

But first they have to get them home, which proves extremely difficult, as things invariably go awry, in a series of farcical escapades involving Jim's devout christian parents, Alex's drunken trailer-trash father (played rather aptly by Dexter Fletcher) and a series of spiked drinks, which culminates in an extremely bloody, not to mention, politically incorrect end fight, as the two lads dicover what the girls want with them and a slapstick battle ensues!

Also starring Kelly Wenham and Georgina Groome (in a much differant role to her character from "Angus, Thongs and Perfect Snogging"), the film went down a storm with the crowd, who laughed throughout. 

Director Benjamin Barfoot, Producer Matthew James Wilkinson, writer and lead actor Danny Morgan and co-star Georgina Groome were in attendance to chat to the audience afterwards and field questions, footage of which will appear on my YouTube channel shortly.

The film is actually released to UK cinemas THIS weekend, from Friday the 13th of October. If you get the chance, go see it.

Visit the films Facebook and Twitter pages.

View the trailer on YouTube.

The  second and final film of the evening, "M.F.A.", kept with the theme of women vs men, but substantially different in tone and style, as it asks the question, if the law won't do anything, is vigilante justice ever justified?

Art student Noelle (Francesca Eastwood - TV's "Heroes Reborn") is not best pleased with the response from her college after being sexually assaulted during a party at one of the fraternity houses. When they do little or nothing about the allegations.

Discovering she is not the first person to have suffered such an ordeal on campus, and the college seems more interested in covering things up than dealing with them. She subsequently sets about tracking down those who've got away with their crimes, and making them pay the old fashioned way.

But although the first killings appear to be accidents, the more people she kills, the more confident she becomes in getting away with it, and the more brutal the murders become. Soonafter, she finds the police are on her case and no one is going to look the other way this time.

Directed by Natalia Leite and written by Leah McKendrick, who also co-stars as Noelle's room mate Skye. The film was rather like a female "Death Wish", but set on a college campus and was again, certainly well received by the audience. If you've seen "I Spit on Your Grave" or "Angel of Vengeace" (Ms. 45) this film makes an excellent companion piece to those.

Visit the films Twitter page.

View the trailer on YouTube.

And that was it for Day 1

The Mayhem Horror festival is on between 12-15 October, at the Broadway cinema, Nottingham. For more info visit…

Thursday, 12 October 2017

Trick 'r Treat & more new horror movie shirts from Fright-Rags

October is upon us, and Fright-Rags is helping horror fans celebrate in style with new apparel from Trick 'r Treat, Hocus Pocus, The Worst Witch, Mr. Boogedy, and Friday the 13th Part III.

Fright-Rags' new collection dedicated to Michael Dougherty's Trick 'r Treat is highlighted by the Samhain combo pack. Limited to only 31, the set includes a Trick 'r Treat lighted foam pumpkin, hand-carved by renowned pumpkin artist Ian Fetterman, and a T-shirt designed by Ralf Krause. Shirts, hoodies, and baseball tees with Krause's artwork can be purchased separately. Another Trick 'r Treat shirt designed by Chogrin and custom-knit crew socks are available as well.

Fright-Rags has new shirts based on three childhood Halloween favorites: Billy Butcherson from Hocus Pocus (by Abrar Ajmal), The Worst Witch featuring Tim Curry (by Abrar Ajmal), and Mr. Boogedy (by Coki Greenway).

The Trick 'r Treat collection is on sale now at, with pumpkins limited and moving quickly. Every order placed during October will receive a Fright-Rags membership card with a unique discount code ranging from 10-50% off your next order.

With Friday the 13th coming later this week, Fright-Rags has a special Midnight Madness release in the works. A tribute to Friday the 13th Part III's Shelly - who gave Jason Voorhees his iconic hockey mask - will be available exclusively for 24 hours on Friday.

To purchase these and other products visit 


Wednesday, 11 October 2017

"SIGHTINGS" - coming to US VOD November!

Writer-director Dallas Morgan’s unnerving supernatural thriller Sightings premieres on US VOD this November.

When former Sheriff and skeptic of the paranormal, Tom Mayfield (Boo Arnold), encounters three dead bodies on his TX ranch, he must enlist the help of his conspiracy-theorist brother-in-law (Rawn Erickson II), a local surveillance expert (Dante Basco), and a renowned cryptozoologist (Stephanie Drapeau), in order to uncover who or what is behind these mysterious events.

While being pursued by the local detective (Kevin Sizemore) as a lead suspect for these deaths, Tom is forced to reconsider his preconceived ideas of what lies beyond our planet.

Ultimately, he must mend the estranged relationship with his daughter (Tahlia Morgan) and come to grips with the truth of his missing wife (Tiffany Heath), as he discovers the importance of community in survival and the belief in the unseen.

From High Octane Pictures, the studio that brought you Clowntergeist and The Answer, comes another workout for your goosebumps, Sightings out on US VOD 7th Nov


Monday, 9 October 2017

"The Unseen" - at UK cinemas December.

Coming to select UK cinemas and on Digital this December, psychological thriller "The Unseen".

Gemma and Will are shattered when their son dies in an accident. Gemma blames herself and starts to have panic attacks that affect her eyesight - and the audience's point of view. Will, tormented, believes he is hearing his son's voice calling out to him. 

To escape their grief, Gemma suggests they take up their friend Paul's offer to stay at his Lake District country getaway. Gemma, helped by ex-pharmacist Paul, tries to stop her panic attacks with medication. 

Will, unable to hear his son in his bedroom back home, antagonizes Paul and suddenly goes home. Gemma is now reliant on Paul who appears to be developing genuine feelings for her welfare. 

Love, grief, and the frailty of the human condition are all brought to the fore as Gemma Will and Paul are caught up in a descent into violence, both psychological and ultimately physical.

View the Trailer on YouTube


Circus Kane comes to US Digital and DVD.

From Uncork'd Entertainment and DeInstitutionalized comes "the fun thrill ride" (Morbidly Beautiful) Circus Kane on DVD this October!

Jonathan Lipnicki (Jerry Maguire), Mark Christopher Lawrence (Cooties) and Tim Abell (Sniper : Special Ops) head up the cast of Christopher Douglas Olen-Ray's Circus Kane, "one of those midnight films that will bring you back to the days of your youth and trips to the circus, minus all the bloodshed and killer mimes" (Dread Central).

The notorious and disgraced circus master, Balthazar Kane, invites an unsuspecting group of social media stars to the revival of his CIRCUS KANE by promising $250,000 to any of them who can make it through the night. 

Kane’s true plan quickly proves to be far more sinister as the contestants realize more than money is on the line. The group must fight for their lives to escape Kane’s demented house of horrors.

Circus Kane comes to US Digital Outlets and on DVD October 10th.

View or Download from



Ressurection of Evil - UK DVD review

Buffy the Vampire slayer’s Julie Benz is a new tenant in an old apartment complex who discovers that something evil dwells within the walls in “Ressurection of Evil”, which has just been released to UK DVD from Thunderbird releasing.

Set in New York, Benz plays Jackie Sullivan, a former alcoholic who’s just gotten out of rehab. In need of a place to live, she goes to look up her friend Danielle, who was staying at the Havenhurst apartment complex, which is an old gothic tower block.

However, she arrives to find that Danielle and her boyfriend were evicted for bad behaviour the week previous. But the creepy old landlady (Fionnula Flanagan – The Others) says that she can take over her apartment, the only condition being that she adheres to the building’s one and only rule that tenants live “a good and decent life”.

But Jackie begins to suspect that Danielle and her boyfriend weren’t just evicted, as they have seemingly disappeared. To make matters worse, it seems they are not the only tenants to have disappeared without trace from that complex.

Looking into the buildings history, seems this is no ordinary apartment complex and a terrible secret lurks within the apartments walls.

Sort of reminiscent of “People Under the Stairs” and the 2004 version of “Toolbox Murders”, for the most part “Resurrection of Evil” (also known as “Havenhurst” to give it it’s US title) is quite an effective horror/mystery thriller. But I felt I was let down by the ending, which I won’t spoil for you, but I felt was something of an anti-climax.

Extras on the disc are limited to a trailer.

"Ressurection of Evil" is out now on UK DVD from Thunderbird releasing.

Buy the UK DVD from

Friday, 6 October 2017

Circus of Horrors sacks Killer Clown for being too scary.

Wierd news story of the day. Doug Child, AKA Relik the Killer Klown, has been fired from his job in the infamous Circus of Horrors for being too scary.

He first performed as a Killer Klown two years ago & was sighted by many people as being the originator of the Killer Klown craze that was shocking the UK last year.

With Halloween looming & the raise in interest in Killer Klowns as Stephen King IT storms the box office the Circus of Horrors have made the unexpected decision.

Circus of Horrors creator Dr Haze commented, 'Our philosophy has always been that people like to be scared and not be harmed but with last years Killer Klown outbreak people began to fear that they would be harmed. ' Stephen Kings IT' is a different thing, it is clearly a movie & Pennywise isn't going to jump out of the screen & whereas our Killer Klown could and with another copy cat Killer Klown outbreak expected this Halloween we decided to go down a different route to create a scare that wouldn't put people off coming'.

Doug Child (40) said 'I am devastated, I have work in the FearFestival in Chepstow for Halloween but then thats it, The Circus of Horrors have said if I can come up with an alternative character they will consider it but at the moment I will be heading for the job centre on November 1st'.

The Circus of Horrors which stormed into the finals of Britain s Got Talent continues regardless when its new show VOODOO commences its World tour in Bristol on the14th October before touring the UK, Ireland, Germany, Poland & Mexico in 2017/8.

The Circus Of Horrors’ appearances on various subsequent TV shows have turned what started as a cult show into a household name – taking the extreme to the mainstream. Its’ TV credits now also boast The X Factor, The Slammer, Daybreak, Fairground Attractions, Who Wants to be a Millionaire, Body Shockers, Fake Reaction, This Morning, Ant & Dec, The One Show  & A Royal Command Performance.

The Circus of Horrors started it’s gruesome beginnings at the 1995 Glastonbury Festival and became an instant hit, touring all over the world from Chile to Chatham, Argentina to Aberdeen, Japan to Jersey including festival appearances with Alice Cooper, Ermine, Motley Cure, Oasis, Iron Maiden, The Manic St Preachers, Food Fighters and many more.
For more info and video footage check out...


REPLACE - on UK DVD and Digital 16th October

STUDIOCANAL is proud to announce that the innovative new horror REPLACE comes to DVD and Digital Download from 16th October.

Merging the striking visual beauty of The Neon Demon with the modern body horror told from a female perspective of Raw, REPLACE is a stylishly viral love story about reverse aging starring Rebecca Forsythe (We Are Your Friends) and genre icon Barbara Crampton (Re-Animator,You’re Next).

Afflicted with a dermatological disease that causes her skin to flake and crumble away, young and beautiful Kira discovers she can replace it with that of other girls. However the treatment is expensive and debilitating but rather than watch her body fall apart, Kira makes a deadly decision.

Accompanied by her lover she embarks on a terrifying murder spree in search of a constant supply of new skin donors...

Tackling issues of beauty, gender, aging and identity head on, with lavish art design and a killer giallo infused soundtrack, REPLACE reaffirms the impressive directorial eye of Norbert Keil whilst delivering a feast for arthouse and genre film fans alike.

Pre-order the UK DVD from


Thursday, 5 October 2017

BUNNYMAN VENGEANCE - out on US Digital and Disc

The deadly adventures of Bunnyman continue in the third and final film in the Bunnyman trilogy, Bunnyman Vengeance which is released to US Digitial outlets this month and on DVD and BD November from Uncork’d Entertainment. 

The man known as Bunnyman returns home to find his family running a haunted house attraction. The family welcomes him home, but soon realizes you cannot domesticate a wild animal. Death and mayhem ensue as the family turn on one another to fulfill their bloodlust.

From writer-director Carl Lindbergh, and starring Diana Prince (Puppet Master: Axis Termination), Debby Gerber (“Glee”), and Marshal Hilton (The Bunnyman Massacre).

Bunnyman Vengeance escapes the bloody burrow on digital 20th October and on US DVD and BD on 21st November

View the trailer on YouTube.

Late-night terrors at the Cambridge Film Festival

The 37th Cambridge Film Festival, taking place 19th – 26th October2017, has announced its full programme of 92 feature-length films, 127 shorts, with 18 UK premieres and 4 World premieres representing titles from 33 countries.

As ever Cambridge Film Festival 2017 presents a typically diverse and outstanding film programme and, for those who wish to venture into the weird, wonderful and downright strange world of cinema, another late-night, boundary-pushing selection of features and accompanying shorts at Arts Picturehouse cinema with the Lates @APH strand.

Icelandic horror RIFT directed by Erlingur Ottar Thoroddsen and starring Björn Stefánsson, Sigurður Þór Óskarsson, Guðmundur Ólafsson is the first late-night treat on Friday 20/10 (and again on Monday 23/10). 

 After receiving a strange, distressed phone call from his ex-boyfriend, Einar. Gunnar drives up to the isolated cabin where Einar is holed up and they begin to dissect the remains of their broken relationship. Meanwhile, someone or something seems to be lurking outside the cabin, wanting to get in… Thoroddsen builds waves of queasy suspense to a spooky climax that redefines and refreshes the parameters of modern horror. 

The accompanying short The Distant Sea (Nic Wassell) is set on the east coast of England where a scientific researcher's day takes on a sinister tone when two young girls take her on a journey to a strange house nearby, with an even stranger inhabitant.

In TONIGHT SHE COMES (Matt Stuertz) a girl goes missing and two of her dumb friends plus a sinister set of strangers find themselves drawn to the cabin in the woods where she disappeared. They will laugh, they will drink, they will kiss, they will make love, and THEY MUST DIE. It all might sound reassuringly familiar (look out for a homage to one of Jason Voorhees' best-loved kills) but prepare to be dazzled as the rednecks show hidden depths, the final girl is the first to die and jump scares are replaced by gleeful gore - complemented perfectly by a great Carpenter inspired score.

Plus, fresh from FrightFest, Kate Herron’s comedy horror Smear peeks behind the curtain at a not-so-routine smear test. Your appointment is confirmed for Saturday 21/10.

FASHIONISTA, directed by Simon Rumley, is set in the ‘weird’ capital of the world, Austin, Texas and stars Amanda Fuller, Ethan Embrie and Eric Balfour. April and Eric own a vintage clothing store and they're happily in love – or so it seems. As things go awry with her relationship, April relies increasingly on her clothes as an emotional crutch. When she meets a handsome stranger in a random bar, her life starts to spiral out of control and she has to rely on her clothing fetish to maintain some kind of sanity.  It screens on Sunday 22/10 along with short The Stylist (Jill Gevargizian the story of a lonely hairstylist with an unnerving desire to escape her disappointing reality.

Tarantino fans will love WELL’s violent and quirky style from Hungarian director Attila Gigor. A man arrives at a gas station which squats on a freeway in the middle of nowhere, hoping to reconcile with his estranged father. Their reunion is interrupted when a Swiss pimp pulls up to the pumps, accompanied by three charismatic, brooding sex workers. Their van has broken down, and can’t be fixed any time soon. The dusty outskirts of Csákvár look great on 35mm, and the cramped gas station is the perfect backdrop for the trouble that’s brewing, as each character’s suppressed emotions and guilty secrets bubble to the surface. Tuesday 24/10.

Manchester-set chiller HABIT (Simeon Halligan) stars Elliot James Langridge, Jessica Barden and William Ash. Michael divides his time between the job centre and the pub. A chance meeting with Lee, an introduction to her ‘Uncle’ Ian, and a heavy night on the lash, lead to a job working the door at a Northern Quarter massage parlour. After witnessing the violent death of one of the ‘punts’, Michael experiences blood-drenched flashbacks and feels himself being sucked into a twilight world that he doesn’t understand but that is irresistibly attractive. When he eventually finds out what goes on in the room below Cloud 9, Michael’s life will never be the same again. Monday 23/10

THE FOREST OF LOST SOULS is an elegant, modern gothic fairytale of the grimmest kind. Ricardo, a grieving father, and Carolina, a cynical young woman, meet in a notorious Portuguese suicide forest, where a mutual fascination develops. Carolina lends Ricardo a pen and paper so that he can write a farewell note to his family, and explains that the forest is a regular haunt. But does she really visit the woods to contemplate suicide - or is she an angel of death, stalking lost souls? Writer-director José Pedro Lopes’ debut feature balances black-and-white comedy with a wolfish charm and menace and brings the Lates @ APH strand to a chilling close on Wednesday 25/10.

ASH VS THE EVIL DEAD - Series 2 comes to UK Disc.

Evil just can’t catch a break as the hilarious, critically acclaimed horror series “Ash vs Evil Dead”: Series 2 arrives on UK Blu-ray and DVD 23 October. 

Locked and loaded with the same twisted humor and gory kill scenes groovy fans of the franchise are used to, “Ash vs Evil Dead”: Series 2 continues the chainsaw-slicing, shotgun-blasting fun from the first series. 

This series roars back into action with Ash leaving his beloved Jacksonville and returning to his home town of Elk Grove. There, he confronts Ruby, only to find that she too is now a victim of evil and in need of Ash’s help. The former enemies have to form an uneasy alliance to give them a chance of success as Elk Grove soon becomes the nucleus of evil.

“Ash vs Evil Dead”: Series 2 stars Bruce Campbell (The Evil Dead franchise), Lucy Lawless (TV’s “Spartacus: War of the Damned”), Ray Santiago (In Time), and Dana DeLorenzo (A Very Harold & Kumar 3D Christmas), as well as the introduction of Lee Majors (TV’s “The Six Million Dollar Man”) as Ash’s father.

Blu-ray & DVD Special Features:

Audio Commentaries
Inside the World of Ash vs Evil Dead
Season 2 First Look
8 Featurettes

Pre-order the UK BD from 

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DARK comes to Netflix.

The first of many secrets behind Dark is revealed: The first Netflix original series entirely authored, produced and shot in Germany will launch globally on Netflix Friday, 1st December. 

View the trailer below...

Dark is set in a German town in present day where the disappearance of two young children exposes the double lives and fractured relationships among four families. In ten, hour-long episodes, the story takes on a supernatural twist that ties back to the same town in 1986.

Dark premiered at the 2017 Toronto International Film Festival.

Watch Dark on Netflix from Friday, 1st December. 

CAGE DIVE - on UK DVD 9th Oct - new clips released.

Lionsgate films have released a new clip and UK trailer from forthcoming CAGE DIVE, which comes to UK DVD and Digital outlets Monday 9th October. Check them out below...

In this intense thriller, three friends from California head to the rugged Australian coast for a cage-dive encounter with deadly great white sharks. But after attracting a swarm of vicious sharks, their tour boat is destroyed by a massive rogue wave.

As clouds gather and darkness descends, the three friends fine themselves alone and defenceless, afloat in the chilly ocean as hungry man-eaters begin to circle. With little hope of rescue, they must fight to survive using only their courage.

Cage Dive is written and directed by Gerald Rascionato and stars Joel Hogan, Josh Potthoff and Megan Peta Hill.

Lionsgate Home Entertainment UK presents Cage Dive on DVD & Digital on 9th October. 

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Indie Film Label "Short Subjects" launches

Run by filmmaker Chris Collier, new independant film label “Short Subjects” aims to champion short films, giving them the recognition they deserve on platforms such as Amazon Prime. The label has a number of critically acclaimed shorts scheduled for release over the next few months.

"Short Subjects" first release goes live on Friday 6th October with Damon Rickard’s gripping thriller THE PACKAGE, followed on 20th October by psychological horror DISSOCIATIVE from the same director. Both films will be available to stream and download via Amazon Video, and Amazon Prime members get to watch the films absolutely free!

Chris had this to say about the new label: “At the moment there are many great short films out there spread so widely. The aim of the label is to help bring all these films together in one easy to find place.

“We also want to make it easier for filmmakers to get their work seen by a wider audience. At the moment there’s a certain amount of hoop jumping you’d need to do as a filmmaker to self release to prestige platforms like Amazon. It made sense to create SHORT SUBJECTS to help bring all of these elements together.”

The Package

Starring Tom Gordon (The Tour) and Dan Palmer (Stalled, Evil Aliens) the film premiered at London’s FrightFest Halloween Event 2015, and later went on to pick up the Best Short Film Award at Germany’s Weekend of Horrors as part of its worldwide festival run.

Synopsis: A missing package becomes the subject of increasingly violent tensions between two mysterious colleagues. With their lives on the line, how far are they prepares to go to find it… or keep it hidden?


Starring Tom Gordon and Amanda Hunt, Dissociative premiered at FrightFest in 2016 before commencing its festival run.

Synopsis: Frank needs to know who killed his wife but an unseen hand might be guiding his dark fate.


SHORT SUBJECTS are always looking for new exciting content, films can be submitted at: